28 May 2007

K3G - It's all about loving your family

Sometimes a great thing comes out of something that makes you feel like shit.

Gautmik and I were at Misha's place this evening. Mom was supposed to pick us up so that we could make it back in time for us to exercise at the gym. Tomorrow being a holiday at the gym, today was quite essential.

Mom landed up late, the gym was missed. The car ride home felt like shit. I decided that I had had enough. I could not get myself to spend more time with mom. Or with dad. I anticipated a horrendous night at home. So I decided to spend the night at Raghav's place.

I was leaving as soon as dad came in. He said 'hi'. I said 'bye'. 'Where are you going?' I didn't say. Mom answered 'to Raghav's for the night'. Dad didn't say anything. He just walked by me. Just the night before I had been excused of neglecting family time and not wanting to make the family work as a unit.

I set out towards the car. Put the key into the lock. And stopped.

An epic battle proceeded to rage within the confines of my head.

I couldn't get over dad's face. He didn't look ready to implode. In which case I would have gone right out. He looked sad. I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted to escape from an uncomfortable situation. But I suddenly felt that dad didn't want to make the situation uncomfortable. I suddenly wanted to spend time with mom and dad.

So, I called Raghav and told him I wasn't coming. And I had a very pleasing dinner. Dad and I hugged. After such a long time. It felt good. We'd said a lot to each other yesterday. And now we were both sorry. He made an effort to consciously have a good time and not flare up. And I made an effort not to escape from my family, like I had been doing for the last month or so. Both of us had done exactly what the other wanted.

So last night's slug fest didn't go in vain after all...

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