14 January 2007

New Year's Resolutions - Adi's tag

Well, here goes. The sane ones first.

  1. Gym regularly for at least 6-7 months.
  2. Get off my arse and DO something.
  3. Mind my language.
  4. Procure and read every Wodehouse novel I can get my hands on.
  5. Find a way around 'the egg problem'.
  6. Motivate Gautmik to blaze his way to glory in the class 12 boards.
  7. Motivate Gautmik to join the gym after he blazes his way to glory in the class 12 boards.
  8. Find a nice dentist in Gurgaon and get my teeth fixed once and for all.
  9. Learn how to dance.
  10. Dress well.
  11. Get back to the tabla with a vengeance.

And now the rest.

  1. Inject highly virulent viruses into Bush and Blair.
  2. Make all the major religious leaders in this world homosexual and then see what they say about the issue.
  3. Become PM and raze all manner of quotas to the ground.
  4. Invent a time machine.
  5. Eat 30 tubes of toothpaste.
  6. Blow up the road in front of my house so that I can sleep peacefully at night.
  7. Outlaw clothing.
  8. Blow up the education ministry.
  9. Travel to Antarctica.
  10. Take sanyaas in the Himalayas.


  1. The sane ones...
    Do let me know how you 'motivate' gautmik...my bro's giving his 10th as well...

    And I must say number 4 is the best out of the lot. Wodehouse is God.

    The insane ones...
    where to start... I'll help in the first three. And help outlaw clothing and blowing up the education ministry...
    for the rest...
    you're insane :P

  2. with you on Bush and Blair and Religious leaders... they are all such retarded scum on the face of this stupid blue/green ball

  3. YUp!
    Aint it great?
    i thought youd love it!