4 October 2006


Hey y'all!!!

I'm giving the preliminary interview for the Rhodes scholarship on Saturday, 7th October. Wish me luck. Please. I REALLY want it this time.

Quite ironic, though. Rhodes was such an imperialist bugger. Proponent of 'white man's burden' and all. Rhodesia was named after him and we know how racism was rife in those areas until fairly recently. And now, his trust gives us coloureds a chance to go abroad and study.

I've heard of this guy who got to the finals and was told he had been chosen for the Rhodes scholarship. He declined, saying that Rhodes was an imperialist and he had only applied out of respect to a teacher who had believed in him and asked him to apply. I had asked myself if I was strong enough to do the same thing. Now I know that I am not. I want that scholarship so bad. The fame. The chance to go to Oxford. Free. I'm too greedy. And deep down inside, I hate myself for it.

But there's another part of me that doesn't think it's a big issue at all. See, since I started college, I observed how much of an impact your environment can have on your thinking. I know a few exceptionally nice people - people who take extra pains to find and follow the right path - who think that homosexuality is evil just because they've been raised in an environment that conditions them so. Maybe that was the thing with Rhodes. Maybe he was in an environment which genuinely made him believe that 'white man's burden' was good, and imperialist policies would actually better the lives of us coloureds.

What I wouldn't give to know what actually went on in the mind of Cecil Rhodes. So much depends on it. For me. I need to know. But I know I cant. And I know I'll keep wanting to know even though I know I'll never be able to know...


  1. Besta luck and all tht jazz.

    Also if u get ir, prepare to put up visiting friends that just wont leave!!!


  2. awww... how sweet. you'll spend all that money to travel to oxford just to pile on to little old me?

  3. Of course!!!

    You might say I would break my nose to spite my face...

  4. i hate those pin stripe pants

    and damn there is another person with the word "commander" in his name

  5. HER name Coriander, HER name.

    Heeeheheh maybe we should have an Ultimate Blog Fight to determine who the better commander is.

  6. HAHAHA, sorry about the mistake in gender type thing :-p. and about the ultimate blog fight, No! "commander coriander" is all for peace