20 September 2006

Why Ganguly should be brought back

You know, the amount of hoo-haa surrounding this Ganguly controversy has already crossed the limits of sanity. I don't want to add to it. I'll try to be as logical as possible.

What's the most important thing as far as team India is concerned? Winning, right? Right. So, it doesn't matter too much whether the captain gets runs or not as long as the team wins, right? Right.

The fact is that as far as tests are concerned, under Ganguly, we've won 21 out of 49 - that's a win percentage of 42.86%. Under Dravid, we've won 5 out of 17, a win percentage of just 29.41%. The ODI scene is not as bad. Under Ganguly, we won 73 out of 141 (51.77%). Under Dravid we've won 25 out of 47 (53.19%), but out of the last 7 matches Dravid has captained, we have lost 5 and there have been 2 no results. Not a single win in the last 7 matches!!!

My point is that as a batsman, Dravid is way better than Ganguly, but Ganguly's captaincy skills are way better than Dravid's. Statistics show that as far as tests are concerned Ganguly contributes more to the team in overall terms (captaincy + batting) than Dravid. In ODI's the contribution is roughly the same.

So it makes sense to pick Ganguly, not for his batting skills, but purely for his captaincy skills. Look at him as an all-rounder. He's primarily a captain who also bats and bowls a bit.

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