9 September 2006

People at parties

I celebrated my birthday on the 7th of sept, and, for the first time in my life, organized a party for college-age people. Apart from finding that it is tremendously hard work and takes immense planning, I was also amazed at the various types of behaviour displayed by the people attending. Between drinking, eating, chatting and a bit of dancing, everyone had their strange quirks.

HSD was the perpetual back-up. He was always ready to lend a helping hand, even if it involved physical labour. The classic 'if-i-needed-someone-to-save-my-life-i'd-chose-him' man.

AB went through extra pains not to be a pain. He was also extremely helpful when I was getting stressed. He later went to the terrace to watch the lunar eclipse with HSD.

MK, NA, AKJ, AM and CAK landed up 15 minutes EARLY. Can you believe it? And I thought I lived in Gurgaon!!!

MK was incessantly worried about getting home before her deadline so that her dad didn't get mad. She eventually went home an hour late, but her dad didn't get mad.

NA was continually consoling MK.

AKJ quickly had a drink, moaned that he would not be able to donte blood the next day, and promptly went to sleep.

CAK had a drink, monopolized the computer and, his work done, also promptly went to sleep. On MY bed!

AJ was stuck to AM like someone had attached them together with fevicol. The two of them spent time together everywhere, including my bedroom!!! Later, AM went to a friend's house to crash. AJ couldn't stand the separation and five minutes later also went to the same friend's house. He eventually came back, and chatted with me until 5:30 am about the association between politics and our college's theatre society.

NiA refused to refer to the map I had painstakingly made and kept calling me every 2 minutes for directions. At the party, he was busy trying to convince everyone that he WAS drunk and that he HAD met them sometime earlier, even though he WASN'T drunk and HADN'T met most of the other people earlier.

VRB was busy taking care of NiA. He even made NiA drive right behind him on the way back.

GK and RM found soulmates in each other, even though this was only the second time they had met (the first time being during an inter-college play competition when RM had felt 'dry' all of a sudden and asked GK for moisturising lotion). They chatted almost exclusively to each other.

MM bearhuged me so hard that, for a moment, I thought I might join the select group of people who were born and died on the same day.

SS and AdM kept disappearing outside for a smoke. Soon, they acquired a fan following and my sit-out terrace started resembling a smoking den.

It was quite an experience for me. The most important lesson I learnt is that one must always download good dance numbers from the net even though
1. one may detest the music during normal courses of time and
2. one may have drawn up, at some point of time, a list titled '1001 ways to administer a slow, torturous and painful death to Himesh Reshamia'.


  1. LOL! That looks so much like a 'making of the S7 issue from Sandesh!!
    Nice party :P

  2. Ha ha. Not so arbit. Its FUNNY. Like the way you've written 'MY bed' :P. Waiting to see AK and AM's reaction to this and a little correction my initials if you write in things like these would be CKA and not CAK! Any how,nice article was fun reading it,and nice party!

  3. so ur the only person i know (well maybe apart from a certain ZK!!)who would write a blog about his own party n then advertise it too!!!! anyhow it was funny!! way to go... n btw ur party was great fun too!

  4. dearest sattu,
    loved ur party n ur blog..n trust me, ur party was better than any at aforementioned ZK's...lol..cheers n read my blog too!
    luv always,
    fellow hottie-hunter,