29 September 2006


I need help. I need to figure out why people fight. Why some look for reasons to spontaneously combust. Why others, seeing where the situation is leading, make no attempt to diffuse the situation. Why yet others, trying to diffuse the situation, end up shouting and pissing everyone off. Why there is always someone who is supremely unconcerned.

More importantly, I need to figure out how to avoid fights altogether. How to change the outlook of people towards life in general and conflict in particular. How to get people to live in harmony.



  1. "... If I had a hammer,
    Id hammer in the morning!
    *hum hum hum*
    Id hammer in the evening!
    All over this land!
    *bum bum bum*
    Id hammer out justice!
    Id hammer out a reason!
    *la la la*
    Id hammer out love between!
    My brothers and my sisters!
    *too roo roo*
    All over this land!..."

    Get a hammer saattvic, get a freakin hammer.

  2. all we are saying...is give peace a chance...

    saattvic, ignore lennon n try livin in the real world..now, let us examine...why does Harmony work at Stephen's? it is becoz of the large doses of illegal substances available there...now, apply to your context...next time someone is angry, give em a cool beer...cheers!

  3. misha, i tried the hammer. it just earned me a sob session and the ire of my mom.

  4. Yikes!
    Its just a hammer dude, not an weapon of mass destruction!

    Not that that would work against MOM either.

  5. No can do. makes me put on too many calories!!!

  6. Learn Reiki.